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These are some of the tried and tested software solutions that we have developed and deployed which are currently are currently in use. On this page, you will get insight into the systems description, benefits, users, full features, and requests for demo accounts. Explore our software solution and share your feedback with us so we can customize the software solutions to your most preferred specifications.

Schools management and analytics system

BALA is an analytics institution portal that allows your organisation to monitor all aspects of your organisation. The system is an online application that can be accessed by the principal, Lecturers/teachers, students and Parents. The system will allow the viewing of Student/Lecturer Population, Student/Courses performance, student progression, attendance and much more.

Insurance Business Information System

Insuresys is a cascading system that is designed for Insurance regulatory organisations, insurance companies and brokers the system allows the generation of annual return for the regulator and the monitoring of insurance industry ,the insurance companies can use the system for their processes all the way from underwriting to claiming for all types of insurance, and the brokers can use the system to automatically request quotes from insurance service providers , facilitate underwriting all the way to claiming and calculate commission.

High Education Regulatory Management system

HEMSY is a system designed for organisations that monitor high educational institutes, the system registers , accredites and verifies qualifications. All these processes are done online allowing the regulatory organisation to process information effectively through a scoring system that allows the system to rate institution according to the regulators standards.